Kids Yoga at Moving Mantra Yoga
Kids Yoga at Moving Mantra Yoga



Renée fell in love with yoga in her early twenties when she learned about the practice in a wellness book and began teaching herself the basic poses. The combination of movement and breath brings her back to the present moment again and again. Over the years she explored many styles of yoga before pursuing her training in Vinyasa Flow.

She completed her 230 hour training and Kids Yoga training at Asheville Yoga Center. She continues her 500 hour training at AYC.  While much of her yogic experience has been alignment based, she is strongly influenced by her creative yogic exploration with Angela Farmer at Kripalu.

Renée strives daily to bring her yogic practice off of the mat, as she parents her two daughters with her husband. She also loves attending Kirtan, travelling, hiking, art, and reading.


One thought on “About

  1. denise

    love the pic of brian & sophie by the lake. did you take the tea bag pic? send pics of the purple fairy. bet she was cute! how’s the knitting coming along? we miss you here. xx auntie d & phoebe

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