A New Now

Recently, I was feeling quite critical of myself for various reasons. As I sat with my feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, etc. I realized that I was striving to find forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself and of others. At the time, I couldn’t see a way to find this forgiveness.

Since then, and through my yoga studies, I have been exploring what it means to “be present”. Guess what? Every breath we take is a chance for a “new now”. A new present moment. A new beginning. Acceptance of what is happening NOW. NOW and NOW. What happened two weeks ago is not the present. It is not now. Forgiveness can happen in a breath. Its that easy. It might take many breaths for some grievances, but every moment is a new chance.

Today I took a “listening walk” with my dog. I was present with her for the entire walk. I listened to the sound of her nails on the road. Sometimes fast, when the walk just started, sometimes slow, when we were walking uphill. I listened to the sound of my breath. Sometimes jagged,sometimes calm,and sometimes even. Birds chirping, airplanes overhead, cars, etc. I was present for it all. I love taking these walks with my girls. There are different sounds; sometimes bike wheels whirring, laughter, shouts.

I challenge you to try it too. Be in the NOW. Listen to your breath. If it doesn’t work, its okay, on your next inhale, try again.


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