Radiate Beauty


Yesterday, as I was walking by a knitting shop, I glanced in the window and saw a group of women knitting at a table. I immediately noticed one woman. She was concentrating on her knitting, but her face, eyes, cheeks, and mouth held such a permanent etching of sadness. She was severely wrinkled, and that sadness must have occurred over decades.

Having just returned from my fifth yoga teacher training weekend intensive, I find that I am quite sensitive to emotional vibes. It was a weekend of emotional growth for me. The style of yoga that was practiced, the music, and the amount of time spent in meditation has created this awareness for me. I am drawn to those people who “radiate positivity”.

Have you ever been in a situation at work or life where someone says something negative, and it seems that everyone has to compete with that statement, making their own negative commentary or complaints?
How did that make you feel? Maybe better for a moment, to get those complaints off your mind, but really—–you just SPREAD YOUR NEGATIVITY!

Instead, what if we all were to let those thoughts go, and FOCUS on the POSITIVE. What is going right? Can we give someone a compliment? Can we share a positive moment from our weekend? By doing this, I think we can increase our own happiness and mood as well as that of others. Instead of creating decades of sadness on our face, we will be radiating BEAUTY.