A time of nourishment

I am in the middle of Yoga Teacher Training now, which is aptly called, “Live in Total Yoga”. That’s really what this process has been for me, not only a training program, but a lifestyle change, and a mind shift. My daily routine now incorporates daily yoga and meditation practice. Everyday I go to my mat at 5:30am. Sometimes my practice is full of power and energy. Other days, it reflects a quiet mood, or a need to conserve the energy inside myself. When I’m feeling tired or sick, a restorative practice using all my yoga props (bolsters, blankets, etc.) is just perfect. Usually I follow a fairly regular sequence, but I’m always open to what might pop into my mind or my feet. I try to work on a new or challenging pose each day too. My youngest daughter comes in halfway through my session, and either sets herself up on the couch as my audience, or requests an airplane ride on my feet. If she’s feeling perky, she will get out a mat and practice too.

Not only has this training changed my daily routine, but it has also shifted my mental perspective. As I delve deeper into historical and philosophical texts, I am letting go. Peeling away the layers. Unnecessary worry, judgement, criticism, fear. What have I found underneath it all?


Sunrise in Wisconsin
Sunrise in Wisconsin