What should we do on an indoor day?

Monopoly Jr.
Monopoly Jr.

Ah, the ever changing “weather” of Beijing. We had stellar weather earlier this week and now at weeks end, it is pretty crummy. Yesterday was an indoor day. The sky was smoggy and gray low into the trees.

This is how we filled our time:

Breakfast of cereal, oatmeal, and fruit for the girls; green smoothie for me. 

Strawberry shortcake playtime

Cutting up magazines for collage and “poster making”. Those magazines in Mandarin from the hotel did come in handy after all!

Monopoly Jr. for 1 hour until Hollis got bored of it. (thank you for that game LeeAnn and Al!!)


indoor silliness



1 hour of Kids Yoga with mommy (lucky kids, eh?)

Creative art time with toilet paper rolls

dinner of rice and lentils and Daddy comes home!



Strawberry Shortcake in the closet nook

Balancing trees
Balancing trees

Triangle pose
Triangle pose

recycled cardboard toys
recycled cardboard toys

paper truck for Hollis
paper truck for Hollis

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