Slow crop

I thought that I should add an update on our vegetable garden. We are getting some nice beans and I ‘m getting some delicious basil and parsley too. The tomato plants got mauled by some deer a couple weeks ago, so they are stuggling to recuperate. I hope that the lone green tomato will make it. One of the tomato plants has some tiny blossoms sprouting. There are several cucumber sprouts and lots of blossoms on the squash plant. The pepper plants don’t seem to have any signs of fruit…Spinach is not really growing either.

I tried to get a photo of the very BOLD deer eating right from our bird feeder, but unfortunately, there was too much glare from the window. Our dog feels very useful scaring the deer and squirrels. We are going to switch from the corn mix bird seed to something else.

I’m so thrilled with my daughter’s swimming skills that I have to write about it. Its amazing to see her confidence and excitement after just 7 days of swim lesson in the last 2 weeks. Yesterday she was diving her face under to get diving rings and trying to do handstands. Its great to see her so comfortable in the water! I know I didn’t feel that at age 4.


“just smile…”

Today I watched the Micheal Jackson Memorial service live on tv. The more memorable moments for me were when John Mayer played acoustic guitar, and when Usher removed his sunglasses and showed his tears after performing. Brooke Shields quoted from The Little Prince, to explain Micheal’s fragility and innocence. We saw Micheal’s children for the first time in a long time. They looked beautiful and well-dressed.

Since the memorial, there has been a lot of controversial press about MJ’s death. We all expected this. Yesterday I saw on CNN that MJ had supposedly taken 40 pills that day. Was is suicide? Were MJ’s doctor’s just afraid to say “no”? Who is ultimately responsible. Micheal, of course, his lifestyle started at a young age and was instigated by his parents. It is a shame, but we can continue to appreciate his music despite all the drama.

I found this line most poignant in Charlie Chaplin’s song, “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile…”