the end is near

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Today was the last Friday of the school year and we are all ready for a break! I have been particularly busy, but am trying to be super-organized for the start of school next year. My last day of work is June 5th which is my time to finish up the loose ends. I will have a week off and then my summer camp session at school. Sophie has been testing all sorts of limits since her dad and I have been so busy lately. Its a big adjustment from school to summer free time, I guess.

I’ve started dreaming about our trip to South Beach, but trying not to think about it TOO much, so that I can still get my work done.

South Beach, Miami
South Beach, Miami

Today our dog Seuss was groomed professionally. She now looks like a piglet. She’s very tired from the whole ordeal, but I did manage to take one photo of her. I’ll try to post a better one later. At least her short-haired feet will keep the knots away!

tired doggy with funny feet
tired doggy with funny feet

We had a lot of rain this week, so my bean plants have shot up!


Legos and Veggies

lego fun Today we went to the new Lego Store in Raleigh. It had lots of cool displays behind glass, right at a four year old’s level. Very cool. My favorite was the street scene, but there was also a burger and fries, a dollhouse, pirate scenes, and more. The most fun for all of us was filling up our little container with individual Legos from this wall in the back. My daughter got an assortment of pieces for $8. My husband pointed out that if you bring the container back next time, you get 25cents off your next purchase….So when we got home, my daughter created a flower garden, deer wall, and a deer. I created the “house” pictured above. Very fun.

In garden news, we now have a 4×4 raised bed vegetable garden with 8″ trellis for beans and vines. our new veggie gardenWe actually won this at a fundraiser auction for my school. A master gardener came out and built it and planted the seeds and plants for us about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The seeds have now sprouted and I’m hopeful that they will produce for us. These are the things that are planted: herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, banana pepper, foot long beans, okra, eggplant, lettuce and spinach. The purpose behind it is to produce as many plants in as little space as possible. Apparently, the vegetables that it will produce will feed 1 adult for 36 weeks. I’ll let you know how that goes…