ZOO trip


Today we went to the NC Zoo in Ashboro. It was the first beautiful day we’ve had this week with no rain or cold temperatures. We haven’t made the trip to the zoo in 2 years, so it was a special treat. We started out in North America this time, and we got a good look at the Sea Lions and Polar Bear without any crowds. The Sea Lions were especially animated, but Willy the Polar Bear was sleepy. (by the way, I highly recommend getting to the zoo at opening time or soon after to avoid the crowds and tired, whiny children in the afternoon) My daughter was fascinated with the Ruddy Duck with the Carolina Blue bill, which is appropriate after UNC’s NCCA win this week. Other highlights were the two giraffe babies and the new elephant viewing area. We saw the elephants eating and spraying themselves up close. Unfortunately, we also saw an elephant doing the “stressed out-elephant in captivity dance”. We hoped that where she is now is better than where she was before and will overcome her stress soon. Another amusing site was the chimpanzee habitat. One chimp had a good old time running back and forth with his “blankie”. My daughter commented afterwards that he spent a lot of time “looking at his penis.”
Such is nature…