HOT yoga

I have been trying out lots of different yoga classes, styles, and teachers in the Raleigh area. This Fall, I tried out the Bikram Hot Yoga class that is nearby. I had driven by it many times, but avoided it, thinking, HOT yoga, how can that be relaxing? All that sweat? I hardly go outside during the month of August, why would I want to experience a HOT yoga class?
They run a special where you can have 10 free classes in 10 days. Wellll, if you’ve never done hot yoga, you don’t realize just how taxing it is and that it is QUITE a challenge to actually take 10 classes in a row! I made it to 3 classes in 10 days. When I first walked in to the 105 degree room, it was difficult to relax and not focus on the heat. Its a 90 minute class, and by 70 minutes, I’m ready to get out of there. I’ve taken 5 classes now, and the heat doesn’t hit me when I walk in the room anymore. During my last class, I actually went in the room early and reached a very relaxed state in my Shivasana (corpse) pose. The heat helps you to stretch those muscles that otherwise wouldn’t move. In Bikram Hot yoga, you practice 26 asanas twice, and I find that during the second round, I can release more tension. One thing I’ve learned is that its essential to drink lots and lots of water during the day of the class as well as the day after. Immediately after a class, I’m hungry and thirsty and just want to “chill” out. HA!


the big bad cold BUG and a little Reminder

We’ve had colds and coughs in our house now for over 2 weeks. That included Christmas day. I was counting myself lucky and I think I said it out loud, and therefore, in the next couple days, I got the BAD COLD BUG that is going around. Seems to include congestion for at least 4 days that is so bad I had to sleep sitting up and could hardly breathe. I tried Vicks Vaporub. On one of the BAD days I became concerned while reading the warnings on the back and saw, “When using this product do not heat, microwave, USE NEAR OPEN FLAME….”. I have chucked the Vicks Vaporub and promptly went to my local Harmony Farms Natural Foods store where I purchased: Breathe Right Rub (all natural), Eucalytus oil to inhale with steam, 1000 mg Vitamin C, and Millein extract to drink with water every 3 hours. I think I’m finally feeling a little better, as I can now breathe at night. I do like my sleep.

On another note, today is my husband’s birthday and I had a reminder YESTERDAY from God about not taking life so SERIOUSLY. I was making a 3 layer Devil’s Food Cake with my 3 year old (while feeling yucky sick) and the frosting didn’t quite come out thick enough. So I put it in the fridge overnight and this am at 7:30 before leaving for school, my daughter and I tried frosting the cake. The frosting was so runny it just made me LAUGH and LAUGH that I had to take a photo. It was so runny that the 3 layers were about to fall splat off the cake stand. I put 3 bamboo skewers in it to hold the layers together and I also had to use almonds to stop up the leak coming off the edge of the plate. Here is the photo and a reminder that life is short and just eat your cake and enjoy it!

the slippery devil of a cake
the slippery devil of a cake

tackling the SEWING MACHINE

A friend of mine and I have agreed to make each other’s Christmas presents. We’ve done this for the past two years now, and I have to say, I find it rewarding and relaxing at the same time. Its great to try to make something for the first time and to feel the satisfaction of a job well done, or at least done creatively! This year I made her a knitting needle holder on my sewing machine. I got the directions from this great book called Stitch N’ Bitch. It was the first time that I made something so complex on my sewing machine. Previously, I had hemmed some little tablecloths for my classroom, and thats about it.  Here is how my needle holder turned out…One thing I learned from it is the importance of cutting the fabric completely evenly!Happy 2009 everybody!