How easy it is to get behind…and “snowflakes”

dscn3772dscn3769So, we just got back from a trip to Wisconsin to visit my other half’s family. There was SO much snow! I think about 24 inches in some spots. The little one got her share of “walking in snowpiles” and she learned about why you want to wear snow pants when you do this. Especially when its 7 degrees outside. The coldest day was -12 in the morning. I had great plans to go walking for 30 minutes everyday…I did make an attempt one day but had neglected to pack my hat and went out without longjohns. That walk lasted 10 minutes. My new Ugg boots kept me quite toasty thru it all. Everyday we got at least a dusting of snow. Some days it was crystalline, some days it was freezing rain, and the last morning, it looked like little balls! I was amazed by the tiny styrofoam looking things on the ground.

Here is a photo of  little one tasting snow on our walk on frozen Long Lake. Our rental cabin (above) is across the street from this lake. Now we are back in Raleigh and temperatures are in the fifties. Not sure when we’ll see snow again….



Harry Connick Jr. and Sweet Emma

For my birthday this year, I asked Brian to take me to see Harry Connick Jr. at the new Durham Performing Arts Center. It just opened up this November. We hadn’t been to a concert that wasn’t a symphony in ages! It was a fabulous concert and a great venue. We learned that you need to give yourself extra time for parking and walking, and to get a glass of wine BEFORE the show…Harry was awesome and very charismatic. In addition to the Christmas songs, he talked about his upbringing in New Orleans and going to see Sweet Emma at the Preservation Hall with his parents.
He brought on Branford Marsalis for several songs which was a complete surprise. Branford lives in Durham, NC and they are great friends.  Last night I just watched Hope Floats on tv, which also  explains why Harry C. is such a great performer.

Charley & Seuss

Charley hugs a treeBest Friends

I have to write about our pets, Charley the cat and Seuss the dog. Both are animals that have been rescued. Charley came from a home where I don’t believe they had their cats neutered, and Seuss we adopted through an agency, and she had run away from a previous owner (just like she did to us this August) and got herself pregnant as a young pup…
So Charley is the Alpha pet and Seuss is Miss Submissive. She is also quite jealous of any attention that I give Charley. She doesn’t quite realize that Charley was here first for MANY years! Charley is in fact, officially an “elderly” cat, as we learned at his most recent vet checkup when they wanted us to spend an extra $150 or so to get “preventative” blood work done for our “aging” pet.
You wouldn’t know Charley is an old fart by his behavior though. He loves to climb trees and is constantly worrying me about how high he goes (see photo 1). He has just recently been given outdoor access, after some kidney issues that he had made me decide that letting him pee outdoors was a good thing. So he runs and hunts voles in my garden. He’s turning into quite the mouser…luckily none have been brought into the house…
Seuss, on the other hand, is a guilt-ridden dog who wears her emotions on her ear. She hides in her bed if she’s eaten any of the cat’s food (a big NO- NO) or thought about running away, or climbed on the couch, or jumped on the kitchen table…any of the numerous things you encounter when you’ve adopted a stray.
But she’s great company and is loving and affectionate and never hurts children, so its all worth it. They are, best buds, and well loved by all.

I knitted a hat!

a hat for my hubby
a hat for my hubby

I’m quite proud of my second successful knitting project…as shown here. I think its a look of incredulous surprise on his face, don’t you think? After witnessing my other failed attempts at knitting, I don’t think he was expecting a hat he could actually wear! Notice I added the red stripes so he could wear it during hunting season in Wisconsin and stay safe…

I’m going to try to knitting “flat feet” socks next. I’m very excited about it and if it works may make them Christmas presents for next year…

Check out the link below…